What do our customers think?

RedPoint F-Gas Platform software has been benefiting asset owners and Air conditioning and Refrigeration service companies for over two years and has managed thousands of service visits for clients great and small.  

Here is a few review comments from some users…

by CAMCOOL June 2014 V 1.0.5

Having used the app now for just over a month I can certainly say that it has made my job much easier, its just as important to me in this day and age of paperwork as my manifold gauges.

Its a really useful app and the improvements with the recent updates were great.


time saver ★★★★★

by Chillin33 – Version 1.0.2 – Jan 26, 2014

this app has been an excellent tool to track assets and gas usage, saves a lot of paper work and time, would recommend as a part of any engineers toolbox.

iPhone 5c redpoint ★★★★★

by Nay wilson 92 – Version 1.0.2 – Dec 2, 2013

Easy to use app, saves lots of time and saves on paper, highly recommended

Engineer ★★★★★

by Aircon man – Version 1.0.2 – Dec 2, 2013

Really pleased with the app save’s a lot off time an a lot of waste paper

Great ★★★★

by Cfreek2001 – Version 1.0.2 – Dec 2, 2013

Saves a lot of time on site. Addition of a flashlight for during inspection very helpful..


“I have been using this app for around 4 Months now and have found it very useful.

The app its self is very easy to navigate and use once on site. The layout of the screen and order of boxes to fill make out for easy and quick entrees on site and during a service or leak test. I have found the ability to log refrigerant bottles and the amount of refrigerant used or reclaimed most use full . The customers I have printed or emailed the test certificate to have also been very impressed with the professionalism with the paper work and the app its self. The other benefiting factor is the asset list generated by the back end and ability to check the history of the site and machines. I would recommend the app to any refrigeration company.

Duncan Bond, Director, KoolPlanet Ltd



“We have found it easier to file F-gas certificates where other people if required can access. It allows us to keep a check on our assets and find detailed information on each of our Air Con units serviced. Plus it keeps the council compliant with F-Gas regulations..”

LC Chief Executives Directorate, Property and Facilities Service, Rossendale Borough Council


“Our reports and certificates can be emailed to multiple recipients speedily cutting down on paper and mailing costs… If we were to be reviewed by regulatory bodies we can quickly provide them with the required information relating to individual machines, with penalties possibly running into £300 per system per day we are confident that the software is invaluable to any company wishing to comply with F-Gas regulations. Congratulations on an ingenious piece of software and for helping keep the burden of red tape to a minimum”

D Griffiths, Director, Flexipol Ltd



“Now that P & M Coppack Air Conditioning send all their service and F-Gas electronically we have found is much easier to manage our F-Gas records.

We now know what Air Conditioning equipment we have on site and what refrigerant gases they use.

We are now confident that if the bodies responsible for the F-Gas regulations visit Rossendales we will be able to produce the information they require.”

Marco Alessi DMS Facilities Manager , Rossendales Ltd