RedPoint HVAC V1.0.5 USA Availability Update




About RedPoint F-Gas App 1.0.5

V1.0.5 is scheduled for general update release on the 4th June 2014. The new update to V1.0.4 includes full USA Imperial and Euro/UK Metric input units to complement the already USA compatible back office platform.

What does this mean for our US customers?

Whilst the current version of RedPoint F-Gas Software back office already supports US centric date and measurement formats, the mobile app has until now marked measurement units in Kg/Kw and Bar.  Existing USA users can still use this version of the app, however V1.0.5 removes any possibility of confusion by adding dedicated modes for USA users.

Can I buy it now?

The update is due to ship on the 4th June 2014 so USA users who download V1.0.4 now will be updated automatically as the app is released.  The V1.0,4 app does support US imperial units input, only the fields are marked in metric.  The back office platform is universal and will detect your region already.

How can i get it?

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