EU Agreement on F Gas will decrease resistance from industry and benefit the environment

euflagTodays announcement that the EU parties have agreed on the phase down of HFCs and equipment bans is a significant triumph for the environment and the fight against climate change.



Announcement welcome at industry level

“The announcement is very welcome from our perspective” says RAC Cooling Awards nominated Mark Coppack who has driven for the adoption of “traceability” systems over the past 5 years.  “There has been significant resistance to implementing traceability systems and a large amount of this was due in part to uncertainty relating to the future of F Gas legislation.  With a clearer legislative picture I am certain that the HAVC sector can now commit to a program of innovation and self regulation that will lead to a better environment for all

HVAC is a responsible sector with a desire to innovate

The HVAC sector is amongst the most innovative industrial sectors and invests many billions in new technology.  It has had a harder time than most trying to react to EU announcements and shifting goal posts.  A time of settled clear understanding is bound to lead to innovation as companies can determine a clear time frame and sane strategies.





(MAC) Mobile Air Conditioning F Gas compliance

The EU has legislation in place to cover the service of Mobile Air Conditioning in vehicles.

RP F-Gas is the perfect solution for any workshop, garage or mobile auto mechanic who wishes to keep compliant with F Gas regulations both current and future.


How to track F Gas bottles with your mobile phone

Knowing how much gas and of what type is in a bottle is invaluable to any #Air conditioning or #Refrigeration business.  RP F-Gas software has it covered with complete traceability of gas usage and escape, not to mention bottle tracking.

F Gas bottle tracking barcode

Above is a 2D #Datamatrix barcode, and I am betting that in less time than it takes to make a coffee you can have your smartphone or camera phone reading the information it contains and in doing so enter a whole new world of bottle management for #F Gas engineers.

Simply open your APPSTORE or GOOGLE APPS on your phone and search QR code reader.  Download one of the hundreds of free apps out there and then point your camera at this very screen.

Got that…. great! OK that’s how easy it is to let all areas of your business recover information form your bottles.  That’s right, no more filling in paperwork when you return mixed recovery bottles, simply scan the code and print the page or even email it direct to the supplier to print .. or get them to scan it at the counter and let them print it!

The barcode you have just scanned is printed by RP F-Gas software, which allows you to manage all your bottles and more importantly the gas decanted and recovered to and from your bottles.

More information on hand, less error and less theft of gas by employee’s who fancy doing a moonlight job with your van at the weekend.

If the bottle is returned empty but RP F-Gas says its still half full, then it isn’t rocket science to know that gas has gone astray.

RP F-Gas software gives the engineer and manager all the tools he needs to streamline the test process and stay compliant with F Gas regulations