F-Gas compliance for facilities managers

Who has to comply?

Anyone who has installed a refrigeration or Air conditioning unit that qualifies for F-Gas has a responsibility for compliance with F-Gas regulations.  The government controls these regulations and a copy of the latest information from DEFRA and is available here.

What does this mean on the ground?

Well, it means that there are millions of machines that require servicing and testing every 3 to 12 months and usually a certificate has to be issued by a REFCOM registered engineer.

How does RedPoint F-Gas help?

RedPoint F-Gas can help in several ways.  The main benefit of the platform is that it makes record keeping much easier and also manages all the assets that you are responsible for in a centralised and simple way.

As a facilities manager you probably appreciate that you have assets spread far and wide across the country (or even the globe).  Whilst you may have a team of in house engineers, it is very unlikely that you have enough in house staff to service all the assets your clients have, and so using sub contractors is a fact of life.

Things are about to get a lot easier!

RedPoint F-Gas allows you to employ sub contractors and deploy contract work to a dedicated mobile app that they can obtain and run on their own devices.  The contractors completes the work and the app synchronises all the test visit data to your facilities management platform.  This means that no certificates need posting of faxing.  In a matter of seconds the completed F-Gas certificates are in your hands and the job is closed.  When the contractor has completed the job it erases from their device and they are done.

Of course the same system can be deployed to your own in house engineers and sub contractors only have access to the jobs you give them.

If you are a facilities manager in charge of asset tracking and F-Gas compliance.  RedPoint F-Gas and the RedPoint F-Gas Platform is the tool you need to simplify the process.

See our PDF download for more information.