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RedPoint F-Gas is the award nominated HVAC field service and F-Gas compliance/Cylinder tracking solution that is one of the most powerful, simple and flexible iOS based offerings in the world today.

  • Track cylinders
  • Track gas usage across assets
  • Manage all field service work
  • Search, print and E-mail commissioning and F-gas certificates to clients

All in one complete, simple and affordable solution!

A complete self contained sales and loyalty solution that is so easy to get started with!

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Why the HVAC industry should embrace #cloud software

The cloud is a wonderful way for small/mid sized HVAC companies to really and truly make a serious change to the way they work and manage their business.  Adopting a well designed cloud solution to manage assets, workflow, scheduling, F-Gas compliance and staff will have long lasting beneficial effect for any company that are forward thinking enough to realise that the crazy spreadsheets and “Only I know how to do it” systems will ultimately be their demise in a world where young and tech savvy startups are appearing daily just waiting to out tweet, out market and out price you!


What is the cloud?

Put simply, Cloud is a way of delivering software via the Internet rather than more traditional methods of installing software on computers from disks or downloads.  There are also some cloud based models that use Internet based software and a combination of locally installed software and/or mobile apps.  These are a kind of cloud “hybrid”.

What are the main benefits of a cloud solution over traditional software?

The benefits are numerous.

  • Lower CAPEX costs
  • Faster deployment / lower risk
  • Low or nil running and upgrade costs
  • Easy to expand if you choose the right provider
  • Lower cost backup and security
  • Always upto date
  • Available on almost any Internet connected laptop or tablet

To explain these benefits further:

Lower CAPEX costs are a common feature of cloud solutions.  Because the software is usually shared across many users, it costs less for the provider to “setup” your software.  In fact setup is often “Instant” and requires little more than a simple signup process to begin using the software immediately.  This means fast deployment times and low risk as many providers offer free or close to free evaluation periods.

Once you find a solution you get along with, rolling out across the company is usually a simple administration process rather than a technical one.  In a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, you simply choose a payment option that suits your needs and begin using on a fixed cost or pay as you go basis.  Adding more engineers, assets and other information as you are required to.  The provider expands your storage space and computer resources to serve your needs so you only pay for what you need.

The same is to be said for upgrades to hardware.  A reliable provider will be undergoing constant hardware expansion and upgrading to their servers which in turn means you get the best experience possible at a fraction of the cost of setting up “Bare Metal” (servers in your building or data centre)

Most cloud services will include automated backup features as part of the SaaS model.  This means the provider takes responsibility of at least ensuring your software and settings are backed up and ready to restore on demand.  Further to this some providers will give you the option to download copies of your data to store offline as well.

A modern hosting provider will usually have far better backup facilities than the average business can ever hope to achieve.

Software has always been subject to updates! In fact it always will be. Cloud makes this an almost irrelevant consideration.  As new versions of the software are developed and bugs are fixed, they are rolled out onto the cloud in such a way that the end user is always using the latest and best version of the software.

Last but not least is availability… This where cloud wins hands down every time.  Getting access to your software is usually as simple as launching a browser window on your laptop or tablet.  A well designed cloud platform will have some form of resilience built in that enables the main function of the software to work whilst not connected to the internet or in bad signal areas.  But lets face it, if you think how many hours you have lost to restarting windows and how many times you honestly don’t have an Internet connection then cloud really has very few drawbacks.

What are the drawbacks of cloud?

There really are none, but if you had to pick one then it would be concern over privacy.  By that I am talking about the dreaded idea that someone else might see your data.  My answer to that would be “Stop worrying”.  A really well developed enterprise cloud solution is far less likely to be a privacy issue than your 5 year old, out of date laptop with free AVG virus killer and 300 malware issues.

Further reading

If you are still not convinced that cloud can make a difference and you are asking yourself “Whats the catch?” then why not read Pitfalls of migrating from paper to mobile for AC & Refrigeration engineers which covers some of the less commonly discussed considerations as well as discussing ways to make your first step into the cloud.








RedPoint HVAC V1.0.5 USA Availability Update




About RedPoint F-Gas App 1.0.5

V1.0.5 is scheduled for general update release on the 4th June 2014. The new update to V1.0.4 includes full USA Imperial and Euro/UK Metric input units to complement the already USA compatible back office platform.

What does this mean for our US customers?

Whilst the current version of RedPoint F-Gas Software back office already supports US centric date and measurement formats, the mobile app has until now marked measurement units in Kg/Kw and Bar.  Existing USA users can still use this version of the app, however V1.0.5 removes any possibility of confusion by adding dedicated modes for USA users.

Can I buy it now?

The update is due to ship on the 4th June 2014 so USA users who download V1.0.4 now will be updated automatically as the app is released.  The V1.0,4 app does support US imperial units input, only the fields are marked in metric.  The back office platform is universal and will detect your region already.

How can i get it?

Download the app now to your iPhone or iPad


 Register for your platform by choosing from 1 of our 4 great value options.

Don’t use 2 systems to track F-Gas bottles and manage service visits

Computers are supposed to make things simple.  However, as the ACR industry moves closer to a fully digital future the risk of adopting several systems to manage different tasks will likely lead to serious data sharing and access problems over time.


The tracking of F-Gas bottles via barcodes used to be the domain of large enterprise FM companies, however there are several emerging systems that help you keep a basic track of what bottles you have and when to return them.  No bad thing? Well, not if thats all you want to do with them.

The real benefit of computerisation however is the idea that all systems can talk.  Until now this has been a fairly unachievable goal.

If you have considered using a digital or mobile F-Gas and ACR field service solution (which many have) the problem of having more than one system holding useful data becomes compounded.  You end up using bottle tracking to remind you when to return bottles, field service to schedule jobs and possible XL or some oner solution to print and manage F-Gas, ODS and service certificates.


Meet RedPoint F-Gas Software, the 2013 RAC Cooling Award Finalist

A complete turnkey solution that integrates not only bottle tracking, but F-Gas usage on a per bottle/asset basis along with a seamless field service applications that uses all common barcode systems to integrate barcode scanning into the ACR facilities management work flow.

Engineers can :

  • add and return bottles from stock with a single scan
  • select bottles to decant or recover gas to directly into the job sheet
  • add and commission new ACR assets
  • carry out ad-hoc and scheduled maintenance on assets in your care

Asset and facilities managers can:

  • see all jobs in progress
  • schedule service
  • deploy engineers to a single or 100′s of assets
  • search, view print or email PDF F-Gas and commissioning certificates in seconds
  • see upcoming work
  • create calendar events
  • view all f-gas usage on a per asset/bottle/engineer level down to 0.001 kg per delivery/recovery
  • see all f-gas across any location/installation/entire group of companies
  • deploy ad-hoc sub contractors via the economical app
  • produce tailored asset lists

This is how F-Gas asset management should be.  A single sign on cloud based solution for organisations from 1-1000 engineers that takes care of everything required to perform HVAC service and installation work wight he added bonus of complete F-Gas compliance that exceeds current requirements!

Available for single engineer companies on a pay per use basis and from £360 plus Vat for multi engineer companies.

See the main website for more information today






RedPoint F-Gas V1.0.4 now supports A-GAS barcodes

Keeping track of not just F-Gas bottle locations and return due dates but also F-Gas usage is a tricky task. Thankfully there is an easier way thanks to RedPoint F-Gas V1.0.4.

The latest app update now supports the direct scanning of popular F-Gas bottle barcodes directly into its existing app workflow.


Simply add and remove bottles from the system by scanning the generic barcode provided by the manufacturer. There is no need to print your own codes as all bottles supplied already have barcodes.

As well as providing you with easy ways to add and return bottles with a single scan, RedPoint F-Gas App also allows you to scan bottles used during service directly into the service job sheet. Simply enter the quantity of gas used and RedPoint does the rest, keeping your F-Gas records accurate to an unmatched level of accuracy!

photo 1  photo 2

Drill down on every bottle to see how every drop of gas is used by asset, date, even the engineer who added or recovered the gas.

RedPoint F-Gas is the only cloud based F-Gas compliance and HVAC field service software that supports the direct scanning and management of F-Gas bottles.

Read more here, or why not download the app today and get started with your free single engineer account?



Case study: Managing F-Gas compliance for asset owners in local authority settings

Customer X is a local authority with numerous offices and commercial buildings, many of which are equipped with Air Conditioning and some with F-Gas containing heat pumps.

Since the introduction of F-Gas recording legislation, customer X has strived to manage F-Gas compliance and services using a combination of paper, spreadsheets and shared calendars.

The existing approach was troublesome for many reasons.

  • Often more than one contractor was used to carry out service work on F-Gas containing assets across the local authority area.
  • In addition, spreadsheets were often lost or corrupted.
  • Sharing spreadsheets only added to the confusion.
  • Large amounts of paper were in use that require storage in an accessible way.

It was identified that a centrally available solution was required to reduce the chance of legally required records being lost or corrupted, reduce errors, manage contractors more efficiently and reduce the amount of unnecessary paperwork being generated.

  • RedPoint F-Gas was employed to setup a central database of locations and responsible managers for these locations.
  • The authority employed a single contractor to oversee management of the system and to capture asset lists for all locations during their next scheduled service.
  • Engineers were added to the system and provided with mobile apps for their devices.

Since the deployment of RedPoint F-Gas in this setting,

  • All F-Gas certificates are stored electronically for immediate retrieval.
  • The responsible contact is easily accessed securely.
  • Maintain detailed records of all AC assets and their service and performance history.
  • As scheduled services become due the appropriate contractor is notified and allocated the work.
  • As soon as the contractor completes work the system records all service work carried out.
  • All F-Gas regulations are complied with through the use of RedPoints strict F-Gas compliance frameworks.
  • The cost of using RedPoint F-Gas is calculable to reduce the net cost of AC F-Gas compliance paperwork management by 66%.
  • The use of RedPoint F-Gas to enforce the F-Gas compliance framework keeps the local authority legally protected.


Customer X reports that the system has made it easier to manage their F-Gas compliance records leading to peace of mind and improved legal compliance throughout the setting.

RedPoint F-Gas is available via your Air Conditioning installer, authorised RedPoint Reseller or directly from our UK distributor.








5 reasons to ditch paper for your AC & Refrigeration field service

F Gas regulation is probably the most significant change to affect the HVAC industry in many years.  Keeping track of assets and service due dates is no longer the most difficult task Air conditioning and Refrigeration service companies face.

Now added to the list of headaches is keeping track of gas usage and leakage to an unprecedented level.

Software such as REdPoint F Gas deliver an to end turn key solutions for asset owners and service providers alike

So what are the difficulties do service providers, facilities managers and even asset owners themselves face in the increasingly legislated world of HVAC?

  1. Asset owners, that’s anyone who owns or operates HVAC equipment now invariably bear ultimate responsibility for correct record keeping in relation to their equipment.
  2. Service providers hold a burden of professional care to ensure they are both qualified and deliver the service correctly.
  3. Large asset owners are demanding innovation and more accurate electronic methods for lodging, storing and retrieving F Gas service certificates.

Switching to paperless record keeping and mobile workflow management helps in a number of ways:-

Firstly it is just good ecological and environmental practice! If you own hundreds of thousands of assets then keeping volumes of paper certificates and log sheets is just unacceptable, expensive and some may argue irresponsible from a corporate environmental perspective.

Second to the beautiful planet we call home is the basic truth that it is just cheaper and more efficient to do it electronically.  Just how much can be saved is quite staggering and a recent survey across a typical 2 years of a SME Air con company managing around a 1000 assets gave consistent savings in the 60% + region over using paper forms.

Thirdly is the reduced risk that is inbuilt into electronic F Gas management.  As the penalty for non compliance becomes very real and government agencies seek to use the threat of legal action to make offenders take note, asset owners will become increasingly concerned that the service provider they employ is not only capable of doing the work but is also capable of proving they have done the work.  Electronic access to F Gas certification documents drives a more efficient, risk free process and allows service providers to deliver innovative and cost effective solutions that work at scale.

Fourth in the list is management of staff and the protection of the precious F Gas.  F Gasses are unlike many other commercial consumable products in so far as if you loose some, a simple “get some more” may not protect you from potential legal and financial implications.  Green House Gasses (GHG) are seriously environment damaging and F Gas regulations are focussed heavily on tracking their release into the atmosphere with strict rules.  Unlike a box of nails, if a bottle of gas goes missing or more interestingly some of its contents, then the bottle contract holder may face unwelcome attention at some point.  Electronic tracking of not just the bottle cylinder but its actual contents is essential not optional.

One final reason to consider switching to paperless F Gas management is interoperability.  Many service providers utilise sub contractors to deliver service work for their clients.  Here is were mobile devices and centralised services stand out from anything that has gone before…   With the addition of a simple F Gas app to an engineers device, they can easily connect securely to different systems to download and synchronise work sheets, capture asset information and complete work on an ad-hoc basis.

So all in all its, cheaper, faster, more reliable, less error prone, expandable and more environmentally friendly to move from pen and paper to electronic F Gas record keeping.

The RedPoint F-Gas Platform is a powerful but simple and cost-effective tool that helps you manage all your customers’ Air Conditioning and Refrigeration servicing needs using your iPhone® or iPad®.

It produces Air Conditioning routine service, commissioning and F Gas certificates that can be stored, searched, E-mailed or printed.

Try our simple solution today







Data entry should not be a barrier to adopting mobile HVAC field service software

The problem

Any Air conditioning or Refrigeration service business more than a few years old will generally have generated a considerable volume of data.  Worse still that data will generally be in more than one format, stored in more than one system and usually someone in the business will have the “special knowledge” of “how we do things”.

That’s great when you are staring out, but once you realise that XL files and filing cabinets are going to start holding back your plans for world domination your thoughts will usually turn first to “I wonder if there is a solution out there?“, then it will quickly move to “How on Earth will we get all of our data into this?

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 20.50.51

Air conditioning engineers are generally not 40 wpm typists and you already have enough to do without having to get 2000 customer records and 5000 assets into a new computer system right?

The solution is digital on boarding

The solution to the problem is to ensure that your chosen solution provider offers an “on boarding solution”.  On boarding is the process of taking your existing database information and importing that into a new system in a way that minimises manual data entry.  On boarding isn’t for everyone.  Some will prefer to just start from scratch and migrate slowly to a new system.  in that way they can cross reference the results from old to new and evaluate if the new system is providing the right information they need.  What matters is that the service is available should you need it.

The RedPoint F-Gas Platform is a powerful but simple and cost-effective tool that helps you manage all your customers’ Air Conditioning and Refrigeration servicing needs using your iPhone® or iPad®.

It produces Air Conditioning routine service, commissioning and F Gas certificates that can be stored, searched, E-mailed or printed.

Our unique and flexible pricing options means that you only pay for what you use and the more you use, the cheaper it gets.

We offer bespoke on boarding on request for a small charge and can help you export from your existing systems and import that data for you.






Air Conditioning Service Software

Manage your Air Conditioning service visits with your mobile device and keep track of F Gas usage for your equipment using a central easy to use database.

  • Add new assets, locations and customers
  • Handles packaged, indoor and outdoor systems
  • Generate commissioning certificates
  • Any F Gas type, quantity or system configuration
  • Handles customised multi/split systems
  • Track F-Gas bottles usage and contents
  • Bottle diary so you won’t miss a return date
  • Assign service jobs to selected engineers
  • Monitor status of service visits in realtime
  • Access complete asset lists for any location/sub location
  • Download digital F-Gas certificates

Simple mobile app that works even when you have no signal lets your engineers access the information they need most.

mobile Air Conditioning App


Simple yet powerful cloud database lets your facilities manager or service manager access all the information that matters, quickly and efficiently

Air Conditioning database software


Available in a range of affordable options.

Click here to view options

Air Conditioning Mobile Apps and Forms for #iPhone and #iPad

Mobile apps and cloud based software for the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration engineer.
Specifically designed for the ACR and HVAC market. The RedPoint F-Gas Platform is a powerful but simple and cost-effective tool that helps you manage all your customers’ Air Conditioning and Refrigeration servicing needs using your iPhone® or iPad®.

Using its simple yet powerful interface you can produce Air Conditioning routine service, commissioning and F Gas certificates that can be stored, searched, E-mailed or printed.



The unique and beautiful interface of the RedPoint mobile Air Conditioning service app offers a simple and easy to use experience and offers full “off line” and “on line” capability so no need to worry about “no-signal” areas.