F-Gas news: Visicom make ready for CO2 equivalent changes

As part of its long standing commitment to F-Gas reduction. Visicom Scientific are happy to announce that RedPoint F-Gas is already starting to roll out changes surrounding the measurement of F-Gas using the new CO2 equivalent method.

Full details on gas and asset labelling is still being finalised but our customers can look forward to being future ready for the forthcoming changes.

Immediate changes include the ability for anyone to calculate the GWP and CO2 equivalent for a single asset, group, gas type or entire location.

Are you looking for a reliable way to monitor and track F-Gas use in your building, organisation or service company?  Contact us to discus how RedPoint F-Gas can reduce the cost of HVAC ownership and keep you compliant with current and future F-Gas regulation.




RedPoint F-Gas can help you meet EPA Greenchill guidelines #HVAC

The GreenChill Partnership  is an EPA partnership with food retailers to reduce refrigerant emissions and decrease their impact on the ozone layer and climate change.

In its publication http://www.epa.gov/greenchill/downloads/RealZeroGuidetoGoodLeakTesting.pdf it lays out best practice for leak testing and service work with the aim of reducing the escape of F-Gas and refrigerants.

RedPoint F-Gas is a complete mobile and desktop software solution to assist you to meet or exceed these requirements. Capable of tracking every single ounce of gas recovered/lost or decanted during HVAC servicing, along with dozens of cost saving field service features designed from the beginning to help the HVAC industry reduce gas emissions, meet targets and save money.

Compatible with both USA and EU F-Gas / EPA  requirements RedPoint F-Gas is the suitable for any company size from 1-1000 engineers and for large HVAC users such as supermarkets, malls, hospitals and government buildings.

We believe no other solution offer you these features for a “no monthly cost”

Protect the environment, satisfy your clients and manage your HVAC business with one integrated and scaleable software product.

  • Fulfil your RealZero and GreenChill requirements
  • Instant signup
  • Free engineer accounts
  • Manage jobs from your iPhone/iPad
  • Produce asset list, commissioning certificates, service sheets and F-Gas logs all in one 



Now you can give customers their own web login to access F-Gas certificates and asset lists

Would you like to give your HVAC customers their own website login to access their F-Gas, Service and Asset information?

We are excited to announce that all RedPoint users can easily issue logins to their customers so that they can download, print, search and export their F-Gas certificates, latest service visit information and asset lists from their PC , iPhone or tablet!

Check out the new features under your customer management tab.


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Seeking American HVAC distribution & sales partners

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  • Track cylinders
  • Track gas usage across assets
  • Manage all field service work
  • Search, print and E-mail commissioning and F-gas certificates to clients

All in one complete, simple and affordable solution!

A complete self contained sales and loyalty solution that is so easy to get started with!

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