RedPoint F-Gas V1.0.4 update brings exciting features for every HVAC engineer

RedPoint F-Gas is already one of the most respected and flexible F-Gas compliance and field service solutions for the HVAC and ACR industry, so the news that the imminent V1.0.4 of the app will bring even more exciting features may not take you by surprise.

Interface & Ergonomics

Building on its already beautiful iOS 7 design, the designers have paid serious attention to user feedback to take ergonomics and usability to new levels.

  • Re designed home screen with thumb friendly options and new barcode scanner
  • Scan to app bottle information during F-Gas movements
  • Flashlight improvements

Improved barcode integration

Building on RedPoints intrinsic use of QR barcodes the new ability to instantly scan from asset to job sheet with only 1 click will save lone engineers even more time on site and reduce operations required to begin on demand maintenance call outs.

Extended functions for single engineer users

Engineer autonomy has been a subject for debate with many customers asking for greater functionality and this has been addressed to allow single engineer permissions to be set allowing almost any task to be completed from the app without having to access the back office!

V1.0.4 is due to hit the app store imminently so be sure to update as soon as you get the option.



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RedPoint F-Gas: US availability update

Until recently RedPoint F-Gas has been targeted at solely at European ACR and HVAC users.  However as the several states in the USA are adopting EU style F-Gas compliance regulations, we have been quid to respond to this need.

A regionalised back office system has been employed to allow US users to adopt RedPoint F-Gas as their first choice F-Gas compliance and tracking solution.

The changes are active now and facilitate the use of US Imperial units and US date formats.

We have extended our registration system to support US users.

Update 1.04 of the app which is due on iOS imminently will fully support US regionalisation as well as supporting all the usual great features you have come to expect front he RedPoint F-Gas product range.



RedPoint F-Gas IAP Beta now supports realtime temperature sensing to drive intelligent service response

With RedPoint ACI Intelligent Asset Profiles you can offer customers with strict temperature requirements the most responsive service imaginable.

By connecting remote temperature sensors (existing or newly installed) to Visicom’s RedPoint HVAC monitoring platform, RedPoint F-Gas can pull down realtime temperature statistics directly into the asset management and service profiles for the ultimate in critical temperature monitoring.

Each asset can have its own priority service personality “An Intelligent Asset Profile or IAP”.  RedPoint F-Gas uses Artificial Intelligence to monitor the asset and make decisions when to alert key personnel to problems.

The IAP attempts to detect if temperature variations are due to failure or regular patterns.  Rises or falls that are out of character will first alert engineers by email or SMS.  The recipient can pull up the temperature on their RedPoint F-Gas mobile service app and decide if a call out is required.  If certain parameters are met, RedPoint’s IAP manager system will automatically raise a job, send it to the on call engineer and send them an email to alert them.

RedPoint Monitor is capable of taking data from many off the shelf temperature sensors, GSM sensors and a multitude of other digital and analogue sensors and we can work with clients to develop more advanced systems to pull in pressure, current and fallout relays.

IAP is currently in beta stage and of course requires the installation of temperature sensors on the asset or even the room the asset serves.  Some features may be subject to change whilst beta testing is completed.






Case study: Managing F-Gas compliance for asset owners in local authority settings

Customer X is a local authority with numerous offices and commercial buildings, many of which are equipped with Air Conditioning and some with F-Gas containing heat pumps.

Since the introduction of F-Gas recording legislation, customer X has strived to manage F-Gas compliance and services using a combination of paper, spreadsheets and shared calendars.

The existing approach was troublesome for many reasons.

  • Often more than one contractor was used to carry out service work on F-Gas containing assets across the local authority area.
  • In addition, spreadsheets were often lost or corrupted.
  • Sharing spreadsheets only added to the confusion.
  • Large amounts of paper were in use that require storage in an accessible way.

It was identified that a centrally available solution was required to reduce the chance of legally required records being lost or corrupted, reduce errors, manage contractors more efficiently and reduce the amount of unnecessary paperwork being generated.

  • RedPoint F-Gas was employed to setup a central database of locations and responsible managers for these locations.
  • The authority employed a single contractor to oversee management of the system and to capture asset lists for all locations during their next scheduled service.
  • Engineers were added to the system and provided with mobile apps for their devices.

Since the deployment of RedPoint F-Gas in this setting,

  • All F-Gas certificates are stored electronically for immediate retrieval.
  • The responsible contact is easily accessed securely.
  • Maintain detailed records of all AC assets and their service and performance history.
  • As scheduled services become due the appropriate contractor is notified and allocated the work.
  • As soon as the contractor completes work the system records all service work carried out.
  • All F-Gas regulations are complied with through the use of RedPoints strict F-Gas compliance frameworks.
  • The cost of using RedPoint F-Gas is calculable to reduce the net cost of AC F-Gas compliance paperwork management by 66%.
  • The use of RedPoint F-Gas to enforce the F-Gas compliance framework keeps the local authority legally protected.


Customer X reports that the system has made it easier to manage their F-Gas compliance records leading to peace of mind and improved legal compliance throughout the setting.

RedPoint F-Gas is available via your Air Conditioning installer, authorised RedPoint Reseller or directly from our UK distributor.








Move from XL based AC asset management before you get left behind

You’ve used it for years, its reliable, I have a print out in my hand, but in the end its going to cost you big time.

The story is the same only the names have changed.   The reality is that many asset managers still hold onto XL spreadsheet based systems for fear of change not due to the absence of viable, cost effective and simply better alternatives.

The fear is driven by many factors, all of which are generally unfounded or worse, supported by company polices that are no longer fit for a cloud enabled world.

Data security tops the list of concerns for potential cloud adopters

Data security tops the list of concerns.  The idea that cloud is somehow insecure or at least less secure than keeping XL files on your company network or worse a personal desktop computer.  This barrier is compounded because most fm managers will ask themselves “If I go this way and there is a data leak, it’s my head on the block“.  The reality is that cloud or even better “private cloud (a cloud in your own private system)” will invariably offer far greater security provision than can be affordable upheld by the average company.  There are a huge number of options to increase security of data for cloud systems and with a little understanding the potential for data breaches are very low.

So what’s the future for your XL based fm or asset management system?

It hasn’t got one is the simple answer.  Why? because sooner or later contractors and fm service providers are likely to adopt their own electronic database driven solutions and having to hand ball 500 asset and service forms into your spreadsheet so you can sleep at night is going to start to eat into their bottom line.  That can only mean one thing, increase cost of service to you.  If you stick to your XL guns the argument becomes more hypocritical as those who provide the service will still want to put your assets onto their field service management system in order to be able to carry out the work and so your dream of a “secure system” starts to look a little infantile.  Its like asking the post office not to store your address but instead find you by asking people on street corners how to find your house!  Yes the post office can’t leak your data but everyone the postman asks along the way now knows you are getting a parcel….

If you must have a spreadsheet…

OK, so you still like something to hold in your hand, thats understandable, but any Air Conditioning service software worth its salt will provide the facility to bring down your asset lists to other systems including XL.  But remember when its weekend and your XL sheet is tucked away on your desktop pc in the office and you need to get an engineer out to site to repair that freezer which is defrosting 5K or stock, you may just think “I wish I had….”.

To summarise

Adopting a capable and well designed AC service platform will bring cost saving by making it easier to manage scheduled and on demand service work as well as compliance with F-Gas legislation.   Holding onto the past is a natural reaction, but don’t hold on to long or you will get left behind.

The RedPoint F-Gas Platform is a powerful but simple and cost-effective tool that helps you manage all your customers’ Air Conditioning and Refrigeration servicing needs using your iPhone® or iPad®. It produces Air Conditioning routine service, commissioning and F-Gas certificates that can be stored, searched, E-mailed or printed. It records all F-Gas usage on a per asset basis and manages your F-Gas bottle to keep you and customers fully compliant with F-Gas regulations. Our unique and flexible pricing options means that you only pay for what you use and the more you use, the cheaper it gets.


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