RedPoint Rewards

RedPoint Rewards is our way of saying thank you for introducing your colleagues, customers or suppliers to RedPoint F-Gas Software.

If you demonstrate your RedPoint F-Gas Software to them you will get a reward from us if they sign up for a paid service.

How Do I Join RedPoint Rewards?

Download our App and register for your free single engineer account.
When you register we will automatically enrol you for RedPoint Rewards and send you links that you can email or put onto your website.
If you are already a RedPoint F-Gas Software customer then you will be getting your links soon, if you haven’t already.
If you are a new customer or just want to demonstrate the software then get started today by downloading the app.


How Do I Get RedPoint Rewards?

You put the links on your website or email them directly from your pc or iPhone when demonstrating the service to your customers or friends.
If someone registers for a qualifying option using your link you will get a RedPoint Reward.

What is a RedPoint Reward?

You get pay £50.00 for every qualifying signup from your link.
If you get more than 3 in any month you will get a £50 bonus.
Now that’s rewarding!

Who Might Use RedPoint Rewards?

Any engineer who introduces their employer to RedPoint F-Gas Software.
Any service company who introduces customers to RedPoint F-Gas Software so they can asset track their equipment.
Any ACR/HVAC sales rep who introduces RedPoint F-Gas Software to clients.