RedPoint F-Gas registration Help & Support

Overview of RedPoint F-Gas registration

The RedPoint F-Gas system is made up of 3 parts.

  1. Mobile App
  2. Platform or back office software for the business (only required once)
  3. Certificate bundles or packs

Registering your app for the first time

If this is the first time you have downloaded the app then there are two possibilities.

  1.  Connect your app (without registration) to an existing registered platform. (This is known as Employer connect method)
  2.  Register for the platform with the app you have and connect the app to that. (This is known as Single engineer connect method)

Employer connect method: If you are connecting the app to an existing platform then you need to ask the person who manages that platform to add you to the system.  They will then give you an Engineer ID and Password that you enter ingot the app to connect to the jobs they would like you to do.

Single engineer connect method:  This is typically when you have downloaded the app and wish to start using it in your own business to manage your own jobs and print F-Gas / AC service certificates for jobs you carry out.   In this method you will use the register button in the app to register for the platform.  Once registered you can then add your app to the platform from there.

Remember.. Depending on your chosen platform option you can add 1 or many hundreds of apps to one single platform. There is no need to register every single app for a platform.  Register once and then “Connect” your multiple apps to that platform from the engineer panel in the back office platform software.