Paper and pen is costing your HVAC business “AT LEAST” £926 to $1398 USD a year per engineer

redpointlogo256If you are still waiting for the paperless office to arrive then you may have a long wait…  Thankfully there are a number of areas in your service team that can reduce paper whilst improving your companies image, running costs and environmental impact.



The service sector is perhaps the most appropriate candidate to remove paper from the process, not only does improvement reduce paper usage, it also brings significant benefits in terms of real cost savings and error reduction.

Anyone who uses spreadsheets to manage jobs will by now be aware of the serious shortcomings of using what is essentially an out of date and cumbersome technology in a dynamic and usually mobile industry.  Spreadsheets are:-

  • not easily shared
  • often out of date
  • not always easy to port to different computers and devices
  • not easily searchable without extra software
  • unable to easily be shared with customers without extra editing

The HVAC service sector in particular is one of the most apt industries to lever mobile computing to deliver a solution to these drawbacks.  By the appropriate use of mobile apps and modern cloud databases, every aspect of your service visit cycle can be traced, monitored, error protected and streamlined.

The average HVAC service small business can service at least a thousand HVAC assets in a year.  A typical F Gas and service sheet would contain anything upto 30+ fields of specific information.  Roughly that is 30,000+ fields of text (100,000 words) to hand write onto paper.  Those same 100,000 words are then typed across to another system when an engineer gets back to the office, and by this point there is no real database as such in place for all that effort! Just duplication and time wasted.   The average unskilled typist manages just 19 words per minute when composing text!

“Paper and pen is costing your HVAC business “AT LEAST” £926  to $1398 USD a year”

100,000 words / 19wpm = 5263 minutes 5263/60 minutes = 87.7 Hours spent typing up information from written service forms.  Another way to put that is around 5 and a half minutes to process a single service form from paper to spreadsheet.

The average wage of a HVAC and Refrigeration engineer is £10.57 or approx. $16 USD.  So with the above in mind, paper and pen is costing your HVAC business “AT LEAST” £926  to $1398 USD a year for a single busy service engineer.  That equates to approx. £0.92p or $1.39USD per asset serviced.

Add to that the cost of 1000 paper forms X 2 in duplicate, printed out again in the office and possibly then sent to a customer.  Add the cost of printing and the cost of your ever swelling hard disk and backups

Add further to that the cost of errors, lost paperwork, return visits etc and we can see the cost keeps growing.  If that sounds realistic to you, then clearly there is some room for improvement?

Any size of HVAC business can move to a paperless solution and realise huge savings and improve their image to customers and reduce carbon usage and waste.

Until today you may not have considered the hidden costs of service work, slowly eating away at your bottom line.  Hidden as they are they are easy to see once you look for them.  Click here to run our free online HVAC Service Cost Calculator and see for yourself. The good news is that no matter what size of service business you run, you can have access to the latest technology for a cost that totally makes sense.  Not only does moving paperless save cost, time and reduce errors it also adds a number of other benefits such as:

  • improved efficiency
  • more accountability
  • reduced theft
  • improved customer experience
  • improved company image
  • competitive advantage
  • the ability to expand and reduce team size quickly
  • reduced staff frustration
  • more pens in the stationery store ;-)

RP F Gas is the clear standard in multi device and cross platform service software.  Offering what we believe to be the most simple to calculate cost per use available today.

Built on some of the industries most powerful cloud computing platforms for seamless scaleability, RP F Gas Software is managing, protecting and helping service teams nationally to deliver cost reductions and improved efficiency.

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