RedPoint F-Gas IAP Beta now supports realtime temperature sensing to drive intelligent service response

With RedPoint ACI Intelligent Asset Profiles you can offer customers with strict temperature requirements the most responsive service imaginable.

By connecting remote temperature sensors (existing or newly installed) to Visicom’s RedPoint HVAC monitoring platform, RedPoint F-Gas can pull down realtime temperature statistics directly into the asset management and service profiles for the ultimate in critical temperature monitoring.

Each asset can have its own priority service personality “An Intelligent Asset Profile or IAP”.  RedPoint F-Gas uses Artificial Intelligence to monitor the asset and make decisions when to alert key personnel to problems.

The IAP attempts to detect if temperature variations are due to failure or regular patterns.  Rises or falls that are out of character will first alert engineers by email or SMS.  The recipient can pull up the temperature on their RedPoint F-Gas mobile service app and decide if a call out is required.  If certain parameters are met, RedPoint’s IAP manager system will automatically raise a job, send it to the on call engineer and send them an email to alert them.

RedPoint Monitor is capable of taking data from many off the shelf temperature sensors, GSM sensors and a multitude of other digital and analogue sensors and we can work with clients to develop more advanced systems to pull in pressure, current and fallout relays.

IAP is currently in beta stage and of course requires the installation of temperature sensors on the asset or even the room the asset serves.  Some features may be subject to change whilst beta testing is completed.