Growing number of AC/Refrigeration operators demanding compliance solutions from service providers

Since the introduction of F Gas regulations there has been a lot of confusion surrounding the compliance aspect of keeping solid F Gas records.  That’s not to say the service sector didn’t care, but flaky rules, changing dates and obligations have made it difficult for many caring service companies to communicate the impact of the regulation to their clients.  One need only look at the R22 changes for 2014 and the total blank face that was received by many service providers when trying to talk to customers about it.

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Maybe we are seeing a change… and fast!  The recent solidification of the near future F Gas policies has led to a resurgence of interest in the subject, this time on behalf of the owner operators.

At last the service sector asks, they are getting the message?  The answer is yes they are but it may leave many service companies with a new problem.  Traditionally F Gas has been at best a ad-hoc affair for most owners and service providers.  Paper records, spreadsheets and maybe the odd database.  Because many owners didn’t see the worry and service companies had a hard sell to warrant the passing on of costs to develop robust software solutions, the situation is that most but the largest FM providers are ill equipped to handle the day to day responsibilities involved with maintaining modern and secure F Gas records.

A new problem now arises as we are seeing a greater demand from large asset owners who are suddenly asking for electronic solutions to mange their bulging asset lists and to police the service contractors to ensure compliance.

This should be a nice problem to have, as for once AC operators are understanding there is a cost involved and a benefit to be had.  The problem is that unless the service providers involve themselves in the process early on they face the probability that they will have to engage with many different systems which will eat into time and money.

The RedPoint F-Gas Platform is a powerful but simple and cost-effective tool that helps you manage all your customers’ Air Conditioning and Refrigeration servicing needs using your iPhone® or iPad®.

It produces Air Conditioning routine service, commissioning and F Gas certificates that can be stored, searched, E-mailed or printed.

It records all F Gas usage on a per asset basis and manages your F Gas bottle to keep you and customers fully compliant with F Gas regulations.