Moving to digital F-Gas records and service forms for service managers and RAC/HVAC engineers


First thing.. Don’t panic!

This is a lot easier than you thought and by the end of this you will see just how easy it is to switch from paper record keeping to a fully integrated mobile and software based solution.


  • A desire to save time and money
  • A desire to show your clients you are committed to them

Step 1.  This is easy, purchase a license for the RedPoint F-Gas Platform our web based software that will allow you to add and manage all your jobs, staff/engineers and gas bottles .  This will take a few hours for us to complete the setup and then you will be ready to operate.  Nothing to download or install, just purchase and we do it for you.  You get your access details sent by secure SMS and you  can login.  For pricing click here.

Step 2. Download the iOS app from the app store onto your iPad or iPhone.

Step 3. Purchase a certificate pack (what is a certificate pack?). These come in a range of pack sizes form 10 to 1000.  The pack is installed in your platform software automatically when purchased.  The certificate pack allows you to generate certificates for any F-Gas tests you carry out and you can choose which assets to produce certificates for.  Certificate packs save you money and allow you to predict and manage your costs.  Certificate pack pricing information is available here.

Step 4. Add your first engineer details in to the platform and issue engineer codes to your engineers.

That’s it.. no really, that’s all there is to it.  All that is left is to add jobs from either the RP F-Gas mobile app or the platform and start work.  We can have you managing your service team remotely in less than 24 hours and like so many of our customers we don’t think you will look back.  Click here to read what our customers think of RP F-Gas