Case study: Managing F-Gas compliance for asset owners in local authority settings

Customer X is a local authority with numerous offices and commercial buildings, many of which are equipped with Air Conditioning and some with F-Gas containing heat pumps.

Since the introduction of F-Gas recording legislation, customer X has strived to manage F-Gas compliance and services using a combination of paper, spreadsheets and shared calendars.

The existing approach was troublesome for many reasons.

  • Often more than one contractor was used to carry out service work on F-Gas containing assets across the local authority area.
  • In addition, spreadsheets were often lost or corrupted.
  • Sharing spreadsheets only added to the confusion.
  • Large amounts of paper were in use that require storage in an accessible way.

It was identified that a centrally available solution was required to reduce the chance of legally required records being lost or corrupted, reduce errors, manage contractors more efficiently and reduce the amount of unnecessary paperwork being generated.

  • RedPoint F-Gas was employed to setup a central database of locations and responsible managers for these locations.
  • The authority employed a single contractor to oversee management of the system and to capture asset lists for all locations during their next scheduled service.
  • Engineers were added to the system and provided with mobile apps for their devices.

Since the deployment of RedPoint F-Gas in this setting,

  • All F-Gas certificates are stored electronically for immediate retrieval.
  • The responsible contact is easily accessed securely.
  • Maintain detailed records of all AC assets and their service and performance history.
  • As scheduled services become due the appropriate contractor is notified and allocated the work.
  • As soon as the contractor completes work the system records all service work carried out.
  • All F-Gas regulations are complied with through the use of RedPoints strict F-Gas compliance frameworks.
  • The cost of using RedPoint F-Gas is calculable to reduce the net cost of AC F-Gas compliance paperwork management by 66%.
  • The use of RedPoint F-Gas to enforce the F-Gas compliance framework keeps the local authority legally protected.


Customer X reports that the system has made it easier to manage their F-Gas compliance records leading to peace of mind and improved legal compliance throughout the setting.

RedPoint F-Gas is available via your Air Conditioning installer, authorised RedPoint Reseller or directly from our UK distributor.